Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Business - The Cage, Minneapolis April 15 1995

Sad news winding its way through the rumor mill that Micky Fitz of original Oi! band The Business finally lost his battle with cancer.

I first got turned on to The Business from the documentary film UK/DK and they quickly became a firm favorite.  I bought the records I could find, which in Minneapolis in 1984 were few and far between, and turned on my friends to the band.

Flash forward 11 years and I was playing bass in my own Oi! band (The Subversives), and we get the call to open for The Business who had been booked to play a local all-ages goth club called The Cage.  Then I found out that my friend Tom Cesario (RIP) was going to be the sound man, and I was able to slip him a blank tape for him to record a feed from the board.

The result is below. This tape has never been circulated (to the best of my knowledge) so enjoy!

1. intro
2. Suburban Rebels
3. Blind Justice
4. Real Enemy
5. Product
6. Saturday's Heroes
7. Out In The Cold
8. Holiday In Seattle
9. H-Bomb
10. Mortgage Mentality
11. Loud, Proud & Punk
12. Keep The Faith
13. Smash The Discos
14. Drinking & Driving
15. Never Be Taken
16. Harry May

RIP Micky Fitz... relive the glory here

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