Thursday, November 17, 2016

Plasmatics First Avenue Minneapolis May 4 1987

In 1980 I was 12 years old and a budding punk rocker. My dad was 41 and enjoyed looking at women's breasts.  I heard that The Plasmatics were going to be playing at a local dive bar and asked my dad if he'd take me. "Huh, is that the woman that only wears shaving cream and electrical tape?" he asked. I replied in the affirmative and he agreed.  I ran upstairs to my mom... "Mom, Mom," I shouted, "Dad said he will take me to see The Plasmatics!!!"  "No he's not!" was her reply.

It would be another 7 years before I was able to witness the spectacle that was The Plasmatics, and it was well worth the wait.  At this time, on tour supporting the album "Maggots: The Album" it was only Wendy O. and Wes Beech from the original line up, but still, it was THE PLASMATICS!!!  You can hear me shouting "Butcher Baby" during Wendy's intro to said song, and I got to actually touch her legs a few times. It was like touching the calf of God.  It was a sad sad day in the Stench household when I found out Wendy had given herself a lead lobotomy, but at least I got the chance to see her perform at least once.

1. Intro
2. ???
3. A Pig is a Pig
4. ???
5. ???
6. Squirm
7. ???
8. Living Dead
9. Propagators
10. Sex Junkie
11. Butcher Baby
12. Masterplan
13. Party Tonight
14. No Class
15. Fuck That Booty
16. ???
17. Black Leather Monster
18. Going Wild

It's not the best quality, but you can get your plasma here


  1. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing, but when I open the link it just says "Drop files here", am I stupid? I'd love to get hold of this show, I've been looking for something from the Maggots tour for years!

  2. I'm fixing the link right now. Check back later tonight and you should be able to grab flac files of the show

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! ♥ Plasmatics shows are always hard to come by!