Wednesday, November 9, 2016

D.O.A. Minneapolis August 23 1985

D.O.A., Canada's hardest working punk band, made a pit stop in Minneapolis on August 23 1985. This was their first all-ages show in town and I was at the front of the line the day of the show. Actually I was ahead of the line as I helped out setting up the show. Not booking, but actually setting up the stage and PA and such.  Process Blue and Soul Asylum were the local openers and were pretty forgettable. Forgettable only because the other touring band was Upright Citizens from Germany. They kicked much ass and perfectly set the stage for D.O.A. who were touring to support the "Let's Wreck the Party" album.  If I remember correctly someone walked off with their huge banner at this show...

I didn't record this show, but bought a tape a few years after the fact. This is a board recording so there is very little audience interaction displayed but the crowd was very energetic and boisterous throughout the show.

Wreck Your Own Party Here

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