Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Lunachicks - Uptown Bar Minneapolis Sept. 15 1993

I first got turned on to The Lunachicks when I saw them sandwiched between Pegboy and  The Dictators  at First Avenue. I had no idea who they were, I thought they were gonna be just another screamy neo Riot Grrrl band. But I wanted to see Pegboy so I figured I'd endure this Lunachick band and not think anything of it. I was pleasantly surprised, shocked even, when they came out and tore the roof off of the club. They kicked so much ass, in fact, that I left 5 songs into The Dictators set because the Lunachicks made them seem like the old men The Dictators were, and who were just playing a tour so Handsome Dick could make the balloon payment on his loft.

Flash forward a handful of months later and I see that The Lunachicks are playing at The Uptown Bar (RIP).  I got all antsy in the pantsy and was well looking forward to having my need for great rock and roll satiated.

As usual I remember nothing about the gig itself, but at least I have the recording to remember it by.

Enjoy, feel free to spread it around, just give me credit.

1. Get Off The Road
2. P.S. Hell
3. Plugg
4. Mom
5. Makin' It With Other Species
6. 11
7. Shit Finger Dick
8. 2 Bad 4 U
9. C.I.L.L.
10. Jan Brady
11. Light As A Feather
12. Apathetic
13. Down The Hatch (???)
14. Superstrong
15. More Than A Feeling
16. Feel Like Making Love
17. Cookie Monster

Binge and Purge your ear holes here.

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