Friday, October 21, 2016

Lee Ving's Army - First Ave February 27 1995

First off this recording sounds horrible! I tweaked it as much as I could and this is the best I could get it. The songs suck but the banter between is good enough, and classic Lee Ving.
This is from First Avenue in Minneapolis before Ving officially bought the rights to use the name FEAR so he was touring as Lee Ving's Army.  I had met him a few years earlier when FEAR played in the 7th Street Entry, and from that time on whenever his name would come up I would say "Oh, you mean my close personal friend Lee Ving".  Lo and behold, when Lee Ving's Army swung through town on the night of this recording, the back of their t-shirt said "I'm a close personal friend of Lee Ving".  I'm not saying I was the inspiration behind the message, but it seems way too accurate to just be coincidence.

1. Gimme Some Action
2. Pitchfork in My Brain
3. Bad Day
4. Their Mouth Don't Stop
5. Honor and Obey
6. Back Into Battle
7. Null Detector
8. Camarillo
9. USA
10. What's the Matter with Skinheads?
11. Hey
12. Fuck You Let's Rodeo
13. We Destroy the Family
14. Welcome to the Dust Ward
15. Have a Beer with FEAR
16. More Beer
17. Fresh Flesh
18. Waiting for the Meat
19. Beef Bologna
20. Foreign Police (cuts/tape flip)
21. New York's Alright if You Like Saxophones
22.I Don't Care About You
23. I Love Livin' in the City
24. Let's Have a War

Have a beer with FEAR here

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