Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kicking the boots in

I've slowly been going through an old box of live cassette recordings I made of various bands in the early 90's.  I'll start posting them as I get them uploaded.

To start off here's Kraftwerk from October 2015 at the Northrup Auditorium in Minneapolis.  The quality isn't the best but after the first few songs it gets better.

This was my 4th time seeing Kraftwerk and it was the second-best (Chicago 1998 was the first and therefore best time I saw the band).

Recorded on a Zoom H2 set pointing up on the empty seat next to me.

1. Intro
2. Numbers
3. It's More Fun to Compute
4. Computer Love
5. Pocket Calculator
6. Metropolis
7. Man Machine
8. Space Lab
9. The Model
10. Neon Lights
11. Autobahn
12. Airwaves
13. Radio Activity
14. Electric Cafe
15. Tour de France
16. Trans Europe Express
17. The Robots
18. Aerodynamic
19. Planet of Visions
20. Music Non-Stop

The Machine Men Invade Minneapolis


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