Sunday, March 10, 2013


Here's how I remember it: PWEI played a gig at First Ave when that song about ethnic cleansing (I forget the title, but there was a line that went 'When they come to ethnically cleanse me/Will you stand up/Will you defend me) was a hit. I went there with a friend who was a big fan, I thought they were OK but nothing to get excited about. Anyway, I'm wearing a home-made Abrasive Wheels t-shirt (turned out pretty good considering the ghetto screening system I had set up) and in the middle of The Hit Song the singer starts cracking up and pointing at me. He blows the rest of the song and the other band members give him dirty looks. I think nothing of it because, after all, I AM Ollie Stench and things like this happen to me all the time. So they finish their set with a great cover of SSS's "Love Missile F-111" and I go up to the upstairs bar. The smaller bar by the office is roped off for the band and entourage only. Fucking rock star cock suckers. I turn to walk back to the main upstairs bar when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I spin around only to find that I am face to face with the singer of PWEI. He invites me back into the roped off area, feeds me a few drinks and says "I'll bet you're wondering why I was laughing and pointing at you." I mumble a few things about how I'm Ollie Stench and things like that happen all the time. Anyway, turns out he was laughing at my shirt because he used to be a huge Abrasive Wheels fan and hung out with those guys in Leeds in the early 80s. He said he never thought anyone outside of The Midlands knew who ABW were, and he thought it was really cool that I spent the time and effort to make my own t-shirt.

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