Friday, April 12, 2019

Living in the real world

Since nobody reads this I can use it as my own personal shoulder to cry on, and document my crushing depression.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Fall First Avenue Minneapolis September 17 1994

The Fall
First Avenue Minneapolis
September 17 1994

RIP Mark E. Smith

I'm not a big enough fan to know song titles so please help me out if you can.

That being said, it was The Fall and I figured that I should take the time to see them live. And at that time if I saw a band live I usually had my recorder in tow.


Get it here!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Barrel Scrapings Vol. 1

Getting around to ripping vinyl and I realized that I have a bunch of 7" that I don't think have appeared on any other Killed By Death type comps.  Since almost everything has already appeared on other compilations I decided to call this series "Barrel Scrapings". Yeah, scraping the bottom of the barrel. I'm not claiming that these records are good, just that I haven't seen them anywhere else.
I've included artwork if you want to burn off a physical copy for your dining and dancing edutainment.


1. the queen annes - i thought of you
2. the quen annes - this is that
(1984 queen anne’s records)

3. j.j. fontaine - american foxes
(1978 unique kinda records)

4. chris greer - rock city, usa
5. chris greer - rock ‘n’ roll goodbye
(1979 axe records)

6. the out - better the devil
7. the out - it‘s not enough
(1981 cargo records)

8. the pleasers - (you keep on tellin’ me) lies
9. the pleasers - i’mk in love
10. the pleasers - who are you?
(1977 arista)

11. the jumpers - sick girls
12. the jumpers - this is it!
(1978 pias records)

13. the necessaries - you can borrow my car
12. the necessaries - runaway child (minors beware)
(1979 spy records ltd)

13. the noise - noise
14. the noise - agony
(1979 broken records)

15. the dragons - together
16. the dragons - surfin’ again
17. the dragons - neutralized
(1980 wildcat discovery records)

18. great british heroes - eric miller
19. great british heroes - don’t give a damn
(1979 lightning records)

20. the ravers - cops are punks
21. the ravers - big star
22. the ravers - another lesson
(1977 screwball records)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tales of a Punk Rock Door Guy; chapter 2

One night as I was working the door at the Triple Rock it was raining pretty hard outside. The bar had a smattering of patrons, maybe 20 people including myself and the bartender. This was before the venue side was open so the main bar part was the only bar part.  I was casualty reading a book while keeping half an eye on the door and half of the other eye on the patrons. In the front door came 3 very young looking men wearing Minneapolis Bicycle Police rain ponchos. The one in front nodded to me and sauntered in, with the other two following close behind.  I stopped them and asked for I.D.  The first “cop” turned around and pointed to the generic “badge” screened on to the front of his poncho and said “that’s all the I.D. we need.”  Politely I said that a silk screened badge on a poncho was not sufficient identification for access to the bar. I said that if they were there on official business I would need to see their actual badges, and if they were there for a drink then I would need to see their state issued identification cards. The first cop puffed out his chest and started arguing with me, his voice getting louder as his argument went on. I soon noticed that all eyes were on us, and that the customers in the bar were silent, taking in the scene that was unfolding before them.  I again calmly told the officers that I would need to see badges if they were there on official business, and it shouldn’t be such a problem.  The second cop started yelling at me. When he finished I started raising my voice just slightly, knowing that I had an audience. I said that if I let them in without checking their I.D.s that I personally would be fined $1,000 per officer, and that the small wage the bar was paying me wasn’t worth the risk.  The third officer, under his breath, muttered that “God, we just wanted to get a drink and warm up.”  I heard that and then insisted that if they were there for drinks then their badges would not be sufficient, that I would need to see their actual I.D. cards.  This threw the first cop into a frenzy and he started threatening to close us down, to get the Mayor involved, to have our license revoked, etc.   By now everyone in the bar was riveted to the interaction between myself and these three police officers.  At about that time Ed, the original third partner in the Triple Rock, came down from the upstairs office and asked what the problem was. The main cop started yelling and pointing at me and making threats against the Triple Rock’s future as a bar.  When he was done Ed asked my side of the story. I told him I was doing the job that I was hired for, to check the I.D.s of patrons coming into the bar, and that the 3 gentlemen in ponchos refused to show me either their actual badges or their state issued I.D. cards, and that because of their refusal I was not allowing them entrance into the Triple Rock.  Ed looked at the cops and said “I totally get where you guys are coming from, but if I usurp my bouncer’s authority then there is no reason to have a bouncer in the first place. Ed politely asked them to show me their I.D.’s as I had originally asked.  The first cop Shot daggers at me with his eyes and said to his friends “Fuck this place, let’s get out of here!”  As they were leaving one of them turned to Ed and said “You just got your bar shut down, you’ll be hearing from us!”  When they were gone Ed very quietly told me that if that ever happened again to just let them in and he then went back upstairs. When the door shut behind him the entire bar stood up, started clapping and cheering because I had “stood up to the man” and won.

Tales of a Punk Rock Door Guy; chapter 1

So I was working the door at the Triple Rock Social Club like I did many nights. The usual cadre of regulars and tourists were filtering through the door. As like most door guys I never looked at the name on the ID, I looked at the picture, the birth date, the expiration date, and to see if there were any restrictions on the card.
A large group of, say, 8 or 9 people came to the door at once. I could tell almost right away that they were not all together as a single group, but they had just happened to come to the door at the same time.
I started checking the IDs of the people I didn't personally know. In the middle of the group was a short-ish guy, probably 5'5" or 5'6", with shoulder-length curly brown hair and wearing a shitty old white baseball cap. I notice that he has a California drivers license, he was born in (about) 1974, and that the license was still valid. I handed it back to him and waved the next person in line up to the door and continued checking everyone's ID cards.
When that was done I went back to reading the magazine I had in front of me.
About 20 minutes later one of the regulars at the Trock came up to me and said "I can't believe you carded Billy!"
I said "Who? Point him out", and the regular pointed to the guy with the shoulder length curly hair from California.
I said "Yeah, I carded him, I've never seen him in here before." To which the regular told me "That's Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day! I can't believe you carded him!".

I again reiterated that I didn't know who the guy was, had never seen him in the bar before and carded him like I do everyone else.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Business - The Cage, Minneapolis April 15 1995

Sad news winding its way through the rumor mill that Micky Fitz of original Oi! band The Business finally lost his battle with cancer.

I first got turned on to The Business from the documentary film UK/DK and they quickly became a firm favorite.  I bought the records I could find, which in Minneapolis in 1984 were few and far between, and turned on my friends to the band.

Flash forward 11 years and I was playing bass in my own Oi! band (The Subversives), and we get the call to open for The Business who had been booked to play a local all-ages goth club called The Cage.  Then I found out that my friend Tom Cesario (RIP) was going to be the sound man, and I was able to slip him a blank tape for him to record a feed from the board.

The result is below. This tape has never been circulated (to the best of my knowledge) so enjoy!

1. intro
2. Suburban Rebels
3. Blind Justice
4. Real Enemy
5. Product
6. Saturday's Heroes
7. Out In The Cold
8. Holiday In Seattle
9. H-Bomb
10. Mortgage Mentality
11. Loud, Proud & Punk
12. Keep The Faith
13. Smash The Discos
14. Drinking & Driving
15. Never Be Taken
16. Harry May

RIP Micky Fitz... relive the glory here

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Special Beat - First Ave. 1993

From the same night as The Selecter show I posted earlier.  Special Beat was half Specials and half English Beat and all amazing. One of the most energetic shows I have seen, the band were non-stop running, jumping and no standing still.

1. Monkey Man
2. Rough Rider
3. Tears of a Clown
4. Nothing Ever Changes
5. ???
6. Too Hot
7. Rainy Days
8. Doesn't Make It Alright
9. Get a Job
10. Ranking Full Stop
11. Mirror in the Bathroom
12. Sooner or Later
13. Enjoy Yourself

No ordinary beat, get your Special Beat here